Belong To Me And Ease My Mind

What's in your Gustav Klimt yarn bag? Mine is nearly empty.

Kind of weird, but I’m nearly out of yarn. I’d say I have about one more blanket’s worth of yarn after the blanket I’m working on. It’s an exciting turning point in the project. Pete’s all atwitter because I’ll finally have a chance to sort out and move out the last of my friend’s friend’s late mother’s odd possessions, which have been gathering dust in a clean corner of the basement. Further: I’m really looking forward to cleaning and reorganizing the pantry shelves. Last weekend, I emptied some messy cabinets in the kitchen and threw out everything I couldn’t re-use. I’m preparing to work every weekend on jarring and canning and to learn as much as I can. There’s room for fun in all this churning and driving: Pete’s going to put up sorbets every weekend. On a sweltering afternoon, a scoop of crisp, homemade fruit sorbet in a glass of seltzer can be positively dreamy.

Who Just Crumbles And Burns

Topaz is curled up in my lap. She and Drusy came to live with me a little over four years ago now. It’s been about sixteen months since prickly Topaz threw caution to the wind and climbed into my lap to cuddle. After awhile, it’s time to get over what was, what we did, who we might have been. If Topaz can, I can, too. Today, I looked up the video for Fake Plastic Trees, which I’ve never seen.

For fifteen years, the memory of this and and depression were enough to turn me inside, but not today. I waited for a feeling of familiar devastation that didn’t come. Waited. Waited. Nothing! Then I felt stupid for expecting to feel small and broken.

Well, whaddya know: I might be over it. Whaddoo I do now? If I am free, this is a new life.

A Forest Than A Street

Drusy is so adorable your heart could stop.

About a week ago, our kitchen fridge started making a heeeeee haaaa heeeeee noise, not unlike Felix Ungar’s hinky sinuses. Pete whacked it a few times and unplugged it. We moved everything into the now-packed spare fridge in the basement, so it wasn’t a crisis, but running down and up the stairs was hard for me. Pete’s dad owns the house, but he was visiting relatives on the other side of the country and not fridge-shopping. Even though we had stuff to do, lives to lead and influence to peddle, we put those nefarious deeds mostly on hold and spent our evenings hunting for a deal. A treasure hunt through appliance stores can be exciting if you’re into it, but staring at ice machines makes for shitty blogging. Last Friday, Pete and his dad bought a fridge. It was delivered today and is cooling off now. In a bit, I’ll start moving things from the basement to the kitchen. As problems go, this one was small and annoying, but time-consuming and attention-hogging. Putting it behind us will be a pleasure.

The cats freaked with people in the house. Their fur stood on end and they went Full Kitty Invisible for a couple of hours. I later found Sweetpea in a spot behind the couch where I’d looked for cats and did not find them, but Topaz and Drusy’s hiding spots remain mysterious. As I write, Topaz crouches on the dining room table, blinking slowly at me. The noise and the hubbub were too much for them, which makes them cuddly and suspicious now. Sweetpea snores softly on the couch and Drusy crunch-crunch-crunches kibble in the new quiet of the kitchen.

To Step Out Into the Dark

Mama, don't take pictures of me where the only measure of perspective is your own rack.

I could quit my job and still not have enough time to read everything I’d like to about food. Facebook offers a pile of nostalgia crap – no, I do not really need to see the same pictures from high school Class of 1456 ten thousand more times – but it can also let me find people who survey the food blogs and point to interesting projects. I’m about to toss out used jar rings with rust spots, clean and reorganize my storage shelves and put my supplies where I can use them. This is not an interesting project, so I’ll leave you out of that, but I will document tidy results because cleanliness is next to impossibleness and when a miracle occurs, someone should be standing nearby with a freaking camera.

It’s been a long time since my brain fired on several cylinders. It’s fantastic, being brainy. Spin this 45, baby:

Tata: Smart is a great feeling.
Dad: What does feeling smart feel like?
Tata: Smart feels like you can see in every direction.
Dad: You can see in every direction. I have to think about that.
Tata: Yep. Think of traveling with the light of the lghthouse on a foggy night.
Dad: Not being the lighthouse?
Tata: Nah, they just stand around lookin’ purty.

At the moment, I can’t see the screen without reading glasses, but I’m optimistic. I think I can learn more about simple techniques this weekend. I feel like light.

Don’t Say That You Love

A little while ago, Topaz did this strange thing where she started chirping oddly. Topaz talks a lot and pretty clearly for a person disguised as a 6lb. black cat, so I asked her what was going on.

Tata: Hey, Topaz, what’s going on?

Topaz chirped, bounded in a circle and went to the bottom of the stairs. Pete caught on.

Pete: Open the doors upstairs. Drusy’s locked inside somewhere.

When I opened the third door, Drusy gave me a look like my necklace was in her cosmo and sailed downstairs to the living room. That’s how long it took her to forgive me, but it was a painfully long fifteen seconds. It’s your turn to forgive me. I’ve got a project to prepare. You’ll see it soon. For the moment, know that I still find you captivating.