I Won’t Be Leaving Here With You

Talk about missing the pointy-point-point:

I think Democrats can make a move in the right direction if work to re-bridge the communication divide by not just looking to hire “New Media strategists” (BTW I loathe people still using the term “new media” in freaking 2011) or “social media gurus” who can help them put up some meaningless blog post or launch Twitter accounts, but by bringing in staffers with progressive policy and political gravitas who fundamentally “get” the zeitgeist of both off and online left. As mentioned, above Democrats took some baby steps baby steps back in ’04-05 following the rise of Netroots, and showed some encouraging signs all the way up to 2008, but in last two years despite the explosion in social media communities, the engagement fundamentally has been stalled. I don’t believe we are going to get moving any time soon unless sincere efforts are made to bridge the enormous divide between DC and the Netroots. As prescribed above, a couple of good places to start would be to immediately move away from the extreme rightward tilt in policy and by re-engaging with the Netroots in a meaningful way that is not based on superficial focus on tools but policy.

Sorry, pumpkin, but unless you’ve got an assload of cash and your own offshore labor force, the Democratic Party just isn’t into you. From an acceptable social distance, it’s easy to see you’re terribly impressed with your connections, but what you’ve failed to notice is that the Democratic Party isn’t interested in hanging out with its base anymore. Communication isn’t going to help, since the base has been communicating its desires clearly for decades, while the Party has communicated its desire to avoid its base like a bad smell. The Party has plans, darling, that don’t include protecting the poor, the elderly, minorities, workers, the sick, women and children – and veterans had better watch out, too. For you to stand there and argue about decision-making streams and conversations is so 2005.

It’s over, darling. Someone may line up behind your velvet rope, but I sincerely hope not and it certainly won’t be me.

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