Thoughts Are Scattered And They’re

Mr. DBK's favorite shore haunt. Boo!

You would think it would be warm at the shore, but it is not. It is freaking cold. Pete and I drove down to Sandy Hook, cycled around the point, dodged cars, pedestrians and two missile tours – don’t ask! – to park our bikes on a windswept balcony, where we stared at Coney Island shimmering in the distance and ate bagels we’d brought with us. We decided to get shirts printed: We have matching shirts. They will probably have long sleeves.

3 responses to “Thoughts Are Scattered And They’re

  1. Had to post THAT photo, eh? Had to post about that. Now I am sad and nostalgic. I lived in Long Branch for six years when it was still a run-down shore town and not the gentrified condo nation. I lived there when you could still see the ocean from Ocean Boulevard, and not just over-priced towers. I used to get home from work in the summer, or better yet, after Labor Day, when the bennies were no longer around, and ride my bike out to the Hook and around it, beyond the concrete bunkers and the abandoned cottages that were once the homes of officers and back again. Sometimes I would stop at Moby’s, next to Bahr’s Landing (the place in your photo), and get a cardboard bowl of steamers with a little plastic cup of melted butter and eat steamers, sipping water from my bike bottle as I watched the boats pass on the Shrewsbury. I was young and life was so good.

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