Girls Against the World

Food Network has taken many wrong turns over the years but this time it’s driven the ice cream truck into a concrete abutment.
See this guy? His name is Willie Degel. I’m sure he’s a miserable person to work for and be near. Why? His visible-from-space boundary issues:

Willie Degel is known for running a tight ship at his restaurants. His secret: cameras canvassing every inch of his restaurant, allowing him to keep a close eye on his floor, staff and patrons. Restaurant Stakeout follows as Willie takes his practices to troubled restaurateurs looking to find and rectify the hidden problems that lie within their establishments.

My bold. Yes, that’s right. Cameras everywhere, rather than capable floor managers. How’s your carpaccio? Willie knows! Judging by the commercial alone – because I’d rather chew off my foot than watch an episode of this bullshit – Willie is a bully and a blowhard who doesn’t actually know how to run a restaurant but does know how to make people, especially women, really uncomfortable.

I can’t stand game shows and I’m not interested in buying ANYTHING Willie Degel’s selling. Hey, Food Network, any chance we can – I don’t know – talk about food? And why you now have an entire channel I don’t get devoted to talking about food?

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