Is 67 More

Pete: How about hamburgers for dinner?
Tata: That sounds great. You should make rolls.
Pete: You should make rolls.
Tata: What? I could swear you just said I should bake something.
Pete: Use my bread recipe.
Tata: I guess…I guess I could. I could do that, right? I could!

Pete put his recipe for whole wheat bread on the kitchen table and watched from a safe distance as I added flours, salt, herbs, dry milk, butter and water to the mixing bowl without injuring myself. I covered the dough with plastic wrap and we went out for a fantastic bike ride on a sunny day. Later, I punched it down, covered it and took a nap. Finally, I divided it into six more or less equal roundy-squarey globs. Then I turned over the compost heap and when I came back, the globs looked like rolls. Pete and I stared at them. We preheated the oven, sprinkled dried onions and wheat germ over top. Pete told me to get that water spritzer I use to tame my Mediterranean mane and spray water inside the oven before putting in the rolls to bake. So I did.

Believe it or not: edible!

We pulled one apart to taste it. I couldn’t believe it. This wasn’t even hard to do!

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