Yourself Low But Not Too Low

Busy afternoon at the family store, where everyone in the tiny town stopped by and bought presents for another thingy-exchangy holiday. I’ve gift-wrapped my fingers to the bone! Currently, I’m wondering where Topaz, who lay curled up on my lap a few minutes ago, disappeared to and considering taking a nap with my eyes open. That’s polite, yes? Not at all creepy?

Good. I don’t know where the last ten minutes went either.

It Is the Enormous Night

It’s rare that I get two days off in a row, but this weekend I have a whole extra day for Topaz to lie on my lap and tell me about her new science project. I seldom understand what she’s talking about, what with her theories and specialized tools. You’d need specialized tools to build robots if you lacked an opposable thumb and the knowledge that cats don’t use tools or build robots. Brilliant Topaz cares not what anyone thinks. She cares only about results – results and fishy treats.

Nothing Can Keep Me

Lovely Topaz examines the shopping bags from the inside, where she seems a little blurry around the edges.

For Gift Giving Holiday, Pete gave me a very small camera. It fits into my pocket and takes bright pictures and is terribly handy. Some things only happen because I’m there to see them. I feel like I’m suddenly armed with an eyewitness and it’s you.

Sweetpea has her own ideas about art.