A Street In A Strange World

White peaches. These are less ripe than I would like and difficult to work with. Later, I will Krazy Glue their toothbrushes to the sink and short sheet them. That will show them!

5 responses to “A Street In A Strange World

  1. I’m fostering seven sick kitties, as of today. I thought of you.

    They were all given up at once, two older bros and five littlies from a later litter. They have the sneezes so I’m keeping them quarantined and giving them amoxocillen and otherwise caring for and entertaining them for a few weeks until they get better, and until the littlies get old enough for their first shots (that should be in another month, they are tiny right now, just figuring out how to play).

    The nice shelter people paid for the meds, I’m running bed and board. Question: why don’t they charge people for this opportunity? This is freaking awesome. Having kittens without having kittens. And then you get to give them back. You also get to keep the ones you like, for a small adoption fee, that comes with free spaying and neutering.

  2. Meip, dahhhhhhhlink, if you would like to send along photos of this adventure, I would love to blog them. I do not see how this could be other than adorable, hilarious and terrifying, which is real life awesomeness. Whaddya say?

  3. Never found white peaches I liked.

    And whatever happened to peach fuzz? When I was a kid, peaches had thick fuzz on them and it wasn’t a light down like you see now. Some peaches had fuzz like my two day growth of beard (which is much more white now than when I was young). Did they breed the fuzz out of them or do they have some way of removing it before market? Anyone know the answer? This question has been bugging me for some time. Answers, dammit! I need answers!

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