She Sings From Somewhere

Sweetpea's favorite new snooze spot doubles as her favorite squirrel-spotting spot.

Sweetpea’s favorite new snooze spot doubles as her favorite squirrel-spotting spot.

Three PT sessions per week with time to rest has been kicking my ass for about a month. Next week: back to work, less rest and down to two sessions per week, thus I am expecting an ass-kicking of comic proportions. I will make every effort to avoid drooling, but no promises.

Fly Again And Learn To

Currently a bit stinky.

We have been sick a lot. We had a hurricane and days in the dark. People around us suffered big losses and some are still without power after 10 days. My sister Daria’s house on LBI is covered with a layer of foul-smlling filth. My son in law is being deployed to a desk job in Afghanistan in the spring. There was an earthquake in Guatemala today. Sweetpea got sick, got better and is sick again. I feel ground down and so tired I’m considering making a casserole. Yes. I said a casserole. That might really happen.

Living In A World Of Make-Believe

Topaz went on walkabout, so now everyone covered with fur gets a collar with the bell snipped off. Sweetpea sports this topical green peace sign collar which sets off her lovely honey boo-boo eyes.

Drusy models this silver paisley collar, but she'd look beautiful in any old thing. Topaz, on the other hand, is completely freaked out and once again has told me to talk to the paw.

A Guitar To Punish Your Ma

Sweetpea's favorite chair, where my butt is currently parked.

This morning, Sweetpea began making the Take me to the hospital noise at Pete, who recognized it from last Memorial Day weekend. Pete called me on the verge of panic, but couldn’t really explain why he was nervous. When I got home, I opened the front door and smelled illness. The vet had an open appointment at 6, which gave me plenty of time to rub half our house with disinfectant wipes. At the vet’s office, a new vet in the practice saw Sweetpea, who curled up in my arms until we were both sick-stinky. The vet agreed our darling was sick and needed an overnight with fluids and medicines. I was reluctant to leave her and briefly considered a weepy retreat, but I had to go to a union contract ratification vote on the way home. And I did. Tomorrow morning, we hope Sweetpea will feel better.

Nothing Can Keep Me

Lovely Topaz examines the shopping bags from the inside, where she seems a little blurry around the edges.

For Gift Giving Holiday, Pete gave me a very small camera. It fits into my pocket and takes bright pictures and is terribly handy. Some things only happen because I’m there to see them. I feel like I’m suddenly armed with an eyewitness and it’s you.

Sweetpea has her own ideas about art.