Swaying And the Radio’s Playing Some

By Tuesday mornings, I'm guaranteed to sprint in circles, looking for something to stuff in my bookbag for breakfast - unless I make something well in advance.

Flan mix - caramel packet + almond milk + peaches we jarred last summer = breakfast Monday through Friday without a footrace.

2 responses to “Swaying And the Radio’s Playing Some

  1. Dessert for breakfast! Hurray!

    Seriously, that looks and sounds absolutely scrumptious. Though it does leave me wondering how to make almond milk, and whether it is possible to make pecan milk. Pecans I got.

  2. In the grocery store, you will find quarts of all kinds of milks now, including soy, almond, hemp, etc. Almond milk gives the flan an airy consistency and the fruit convinces me I’m eating something nutritious. Of course, we all know I’m quite gullible.

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